The Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic Surgery

The Phi-Lift was developed by a Facial Plastic Surgeon after more than a decade of specializing in facial surgery, combining our understanding of Facial Beauty and artistry with State-of-the Art Technology. We specialise in ONLY Facial Treatments and perform no body procedures.

We have a Safety first principal and only use the highest quality of non-surgical products (Tested and approved in the most rigorous medical system in the USA, termed FDA Approval) and the highest quality of treatments. We utilise the latest cutting edge in World-Wide Technology (including equipment from USA, Germany, Japan & Switzerland) to minimise discomfort and bruising and speed up recovery.

We only use equipment and technology that has undergone rigorous scientific testing to validate its effectiveness and quality of care. We do not provide gimmicky treatments that offer subtle change or minimal improvements.

Only Specialist Facial Surgeons treat our patient’s face and neck areas, all treatments are by doctors, specialised in face and neck only. Unlike many practitioners we are able to offer non-surgical treatments and surgical alternatives, providing the full range of cosmetic facial plastic techniques.