Rejuvenise Me

Rejuvenise Me is run by Dr Jennifer Garioch, Consultant Dermatologist, and Marc Moncrieff, Consultant Plastic Surgeon. As fully qualified medical practitioners, we can provide confidential consultation with impartial advice on the right treatment for you. Because we can draw on our joint expertise in both dermatology and cosmetic surgery, we can recommend a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatments - many more than are available on the high street. We can also make an expert diagnosis, detect any health problems you may not know about and prescribe all the medicines needed for your treatment.

We take a holistic, 'whole body' approach, basing our recommendations on a full appraisal of your health, lifestyle, age and body type. We're professional, ethical and discreet. Our reputation depends on our results and recommendations from our clients. That's why we will never push you into having a treatment you don't need or feel comfortable with.