MyBreast, the UK's premier plastic surgery group, was founded by surgeons. Five of the UK's best plastic surgeons felt that they, not sales people, were best qualified to bring together the finest breast surgeons and cosmetic surgeons in the UK with the best aftercare available and deliver this premier service at affordable prices to the UK public.

Delivering this premier service at the most prestigious hospitals in the UK, MyBreast was formed as the centre for excellence in plastic surgery in the UK. With experts in every area of plastic surgery we offer a diverse range of procedures that includes breast enlargement, uplift and reduction through to facelifts, rhinoplasty and liposuction, to name just a few.

We always have an expert available in whatever cosmetic surgery procedure you are thinking about. Additionally, we offer a unique lifetime aftercare policy and a lifetime implant guarantee covering capsular contracture and implant rupture for breast surgery.