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Undergoing surgery can be a daunting consideration for many, if not most people. For the majority, surgery is undertaken to alleviate discomfort, improve function, remove a cancer or for another “necessary” reason. Cosmetic surgery is different, in that it is never essential, and is never an emergency. This means that there is time to fully discuss and balance the risks and benefits of surgery and there should never be any pressure to proceed without being sure that you are going ahead for the right reasons and that your surgeon is the right person to be doing your surgery or procedure.

The only way of being as sure as you can be, is through personal consultation(s) with your surgeon. This is of fundamental importance as it helps to make sure that you have developed a trusting and understanding relationship prior to surgery. Therefore, because we understand that there is much information to take in during a consultation and that sometimes you may still have questions which you didn’t ask, or something you are just not sure about, you will always be given the opportunity to have further discussions at no additional charge prior to your treatment. Indeed, before proceeding with most cosmetic operations, a minimum of two consultations would be expected.

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